A Summer Floral Arrangement

We love flowers as much as the next lesbian. (Did you see The Kids Are All Right? Julianne Moore and Annette Benning had a TDF garden.)
With summer right around the corner, we thought it would be super cool and classy of us to set up a floral arrangement video to inspire you to go pick your own flowers (from your neighbors, natch) and turn them into something fancy.
Florist Patricia Pastelero, whose work can be found in the Louis Vuitton boutique regularly (just look for the flowers, past the monogram luggage, next to the overdressed lady with the oversized bank account), to do a video on a really pretty, organic arrangement one weekday afternoon in Toff De Venecia’s pad. (We did a lot that day: made a terrarium, shot this, ate fried chicken…)
Warning: The video is really simple (I edited it in less than an hour via iMovie, with shoddy sound at that). Django, it is not. But this video has something Django doesn’t: lots and lots of ladylike flowers.

On Artistic Light

“These are not your basic, typical lights,” says Lâm Quảng in the opening of this Cineastas short.
The Vietnam-born, Portland-based artist, along with his wife Kestrel Gates, fashion handmade, hand-painted paper lights. The kind that have a passing acquaintance with conventional styles. Quảng begins with an organic shape and then sculpts the piece with paper he creates himself. His wife Kestrel paints the lanterns. It’s a fascinating peek at a couple steeped in a sensibility that informs both their work and their life.
“The goal of doing something well and with integrity,” Quảng says, “should be able to sustain our lifestyle and our family.”
See the video, be inspired.