Artist profile: Nikki Luna

nikki luna on curious settingHunter, 2012. Resin cast python .357 and lace.

How would you define your work?

I lean more towards art that can put life into perspective. I love how Robert Hughes said it: “If art can’t tell us about the world we live in, then I don’t believe there’s much point in having it.”
Favorite color?

It’s actually not a color. I prefer black, gray, maybe flesh/nude.
What are you listening to right now?
Pink Floyd albums, particularly Animals and Dark Side of the Moon.
Favorite dish?
Pasta with fresh black truffles and tabla de quesos


nikki luna on curious setting
Nikki Luna at work


nikki luna on curious settingComforter, 2011. Resin cast comforter.


nikki luna on curious setting


nikki luna on curious setting
Quanto Ti Amo (How Much I Love You), 2010. Installation and sound: ribbons, gold print, text. Primo Marella Gallery, Milan. 


nikki luna on curious setting, photo by adjani arumpac


nikki luna on curious settingPrecious and Fertile, 2012. Installation, conceptual and sound: pipes cast in bone china, video of Hacienda Luisita farmers, soil from various contested land. Lopez Museum.


nikki luna on curious setting
Ovoid/Void, 2010. Installation-conceptual piece of resin cast eggs and trays. Slab20sq.


nikki luna on curious setting
7 Militarized Areas in Northern Mindanao IP Communities, 2012. Soil in display boxes. Lopez Museum, Pasig.


nikki luna on curious settingCompartmentalized, 2009. Lightbox drawers, photos.


nikki luna on curious setting
Transparent, 2011. Installation: cotton voile, embroidery, letter. Christie’s, Hong Kong.


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